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Kelly Antoniewicz-Art Teacher 

 "Viewing paintings engages a number of different regions in the brain, suggesting art appreciation is a natural biological process, according to the report in the June issue of the journal Brain and Cognition.  The study found that paintings activated areas of the brain involved in vision, pleasure, memory, recognition, and emotions, in addition to systems that underlie the conscious processing of new information to give it meaning." 
The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Mrs. Antoniewicz's Art web page

This is my fifth year with Richfield School District. I graduated from Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI with my degree in Art Education. I have numerous years of student teaching through the college as well as teaching summer school and art for home-school students.

I am instructing students  grades K through Middle school, at both Plat and Richfield Elementary Schools.

I will showcase students' artwork though out the year. The students will learn the basic art terms, techniques, and how to use a variety of art materials. The middle school students will be required to hand in sketchbook assignments and they will have the basic understanding of the Elements of Art and Design.

They will get messy, learn, and have fun!

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 Plat and Richfield Schools will be participating in a variety of poster contests throughout the year. This is to encourage the students to learn more about  about variety of topics-including conservation, seat belt safety. Also, they will learn how to use different art techniques to create a successful poster.  

Dig Deeper Poster Contest 2014

The Winners are:


1st Place-Asamina V.
2nd Place- Victoria J.
3rd Place-Ava G.


1st Place-Molly C.
3rd Place-Emma S.


Haleigh Y.

Middle School

1st Place-Abby G.
2nd Place-Jack B.

The first place winners advanced to the State level.

Congratulation and Thanks to all who participated!!

Washington County’s K-12th grade students are invited to participate in the 2014 Conservation Poster Contest 
“DIG DEEPER - Mysteries in the Soil”. Everyone entering the competition will be rewarded. Each 
participant will receive a certificate commending his/her interest and concern for the environment. The top three 
winners (local level) of each category will be awarded visa gift cards and art supplies. All first place winners 
will automatically advance to the next level of competition for judging.
For more information go to:


Original Works fundraiser
Check back in the spring.


Fun art websites:

Smithsonian, Milwaukee Art
Museum and Louvre Museum


The best way to get a hold of me is through email.